7 Tips for Staying in a Pet-Friendly Hotel with Your Dog

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The first time I took Alzu to a hotel, it was terrifying. Sure she didn’t have an accident and yes everyone was staring at us like we were crazy but now that’s just part of the experience! We have since stayed in dozens of hotels and had no unpleasant experiences along the way.

Here are my advice and recommendations to assist you to manage staying in a pet-friendly hotel with your dog, from reserving the hotel to avoiding barking complaints.

My pet golden retriever dog Alzu and I on a two month vacation in Leh
Alzu and I on a two-month vacation in Leh

1. Double Check It’s Pet-Friendly

It’s always a good idea to double-check whether a destination is pet-friendly before you travel with your furry friend. Just because a place is listed as pet-friendly, it doesn’t mean that it will be a perfect fit for your pet. Many hotels that allow pets advertise this on their website. Alternatively, if you’re booking through a third-party booking site, like Booking.com, Tripadvisor.in or Hotels.com, put a “pet-friendly” filter in your search.

My pet golden retriever dog Alzu and I stayed at Hotel Bhairon Vilas in Bikaner. This is a pet-friendly heritage hotel that also has 2 pets living on the property!
Alzu and I stayed at Hotel Bhairon Vilas in Bikaner. This is a pet-friendly heritage hotel that also has 2 pets living on the property!

Hotels are always changing their rules and some that once were pet-friendly stop allowing pets. It’s good to double-check before you book your stay if possible! If the hotel doesn’t have an online presence or can be found through third-party sites — contact them directly by phone call (or email) because they might have different policies about pets than what’s listed on these websites. For example, some hotels have weight limits for pets, so be sure to check the fine print before making a reservation.

By taking the time to do your homework in advance, you can help ensure that both you and your pet have an enjoyable and stress-free trip.

2. Find Out the Pet Fee

The amount that hotels charge for your pet varies substantially. Many hotels, as well as entire hotel chains, allow pets to stay for free. On the other side, some hotels, particularly luxury hotels, but also some standard hotels, impose rather expensive rates for dogs.

Pet costs paid by hotels are sometimes not mentioned. Third-party websites do not specify costs, instead stating that “charges may apply.” (However, most of these hotels allow pets to stay for free.)

Given how much costs might vary, I urge you to double-check them when you inquire about any pet restrictions. It’s best not to wait and find out at the hotel because you might be unpleasant surprised.

3. Book a Pet-Friendly Room

My pet golden retriever dog Alzu basking in sun with tortoises at a pet-friendly hotel in Sathin in Rajasthan
Alzu basking in sun with tortoises at a pet-friendly hotel in Sathin in Rajasthan

When booking through third-party websites, look for the statement “pet-friendly accommodations can be requested by calling the hotel at the phone on the booking confirmation.” In such circumstances, I normally send a note to my booking noting that I am travelling with my dog and want a pet-friendly accommodation. So far, it has been successful!

When reserving directly with the hotel, booking over the phone (rather than on the hotel website) is typically the most convenient option. This way, you may inquire about other aspects while also requesting a pet-friendly room.

4. Pack Your Pet’s Essentials

In my experience, only luxurious hotels provide pet-friendly services (ranging from beds and bowls to meals and treats), as well as some extra pet-friendly spots, while some hotels may provide some or all of these on request.

So pack everything your pet typically uses at home; your pet may feel more at ease eating their customary food, drinking from their usual dish, and resting on their familiar bed. I will share my ultimate guide on what to pack while on a road trip with your dog soon!

It’s also a wise idea not to make significant changes to your pet’s food. A special treat is typically acceptable, but a full bowl of varied foods may cause stomach discomfort.

5. Follow the Rules of the Hotel

Hotels may have limitations about what your pet can and cannot do during your stay, in addition to restrictions on the type and number of pets that can stay. The following are some of the most common rules:

1. Are pets permitted to be kept alone in your room?

2. Where should you take your pet to relieve themselves?

3. Are dogs permitted on furniture or beds?

4. Can dogs be brought into the hotel’s restaurant and bar areas?

My pet golden retriever dog Alzu playing in the garden of Amourcasa homestay in Bundi.
Alzu playing in the garden of Amourcasa homestay in Bundi.

Dogs should always be kept on a leash when going through the hotel’s common areas, not to mention when moving through the parking lot. Additionally, always clean up after your dog.

6. If You Leave Your Pet in Your Room

The possibility of your pet being left alone in your room differs per hotel. Pets are frequently explicitly requested not to be left alone in your room, or the presumption is made that you will not do so. Although exceptions are granted for short periods of time, such as eating breakfast in the hotel’s dining room.

If you are allowed to leave your pet in your room, examine whether your pet is comfortable with this arrangement as well. It may be appropriate if your pet is used to being left alone in your apartment and is at ease in a different environment. Do not consider it if you are staying in a hotel with your pet for the first time.

I would recommend staying at one hotel for longer periods of time and spending at least a day with your pet before leaving her completely alone.

You might also need to make special arrangements with or cancel housekeeping for the day you are leaving your pet behind.

7. Keep your dog’s barking to a minimum.

While staying at a hotel, you should strive to limit your dog’s barking to a minimum. Other visitors will complain about it. It’s ridiculous to expect a dog to remain completely silent the entire time. You can’t expect a child to constantly be quiet if you’re staying with them.

Be mindful of your dog’s triggers and personality. If you know your dog frequently barks at loud noises, request a quiet room, preferably not near the lift or stairs. Choose another hotel if reviews complain about paper-thin walls and a lot of noise.

In my situation, I always chose a corner room for my golden retriever puppy (who thankfully rarely barks) on the top floor of the hotel.

So here are my tips. Do you have any to add? Share your pet-friendly hotel experiences in the comment section below! Bon voyage!

You can reach out to me at travel.shivanibohare@gmail.com or on my Instagram handle, Facebook page, or Twitter.

Happy travels! Woof Woof!

Shivani & Alzu ❤️




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